Jurassic Snap is a VR adventure game in which you explore an exoplanet located in the Jurassic era. We are organizing a kickstarter to fund the game, many rewards will be available for each level.


You are the only photographer who has been selected to explore the planet Gliese 486B. With the help of professor Edmée your mission is to collect information and to learn about the different surrounding species. Your photos and your research will be used to determine if the human species can coexist with the planet's fauna.


  • Take pictures of amazing creatures on board your anti-gravity vehicle!
  • Use your baits and repellents to interact with wildlife.
  • Create unique situations generated in real time!
  • The day/night cycle will impact the behavior of the dinos according to their way of life.
  • Complete the Dinopedia by discovering each creature in detail.
  • Share your snapshots with the world on the social network inside Jurassic Snap!
  • Professor Edmée will evaluate your photos according to scientific criteria.
  • Several biomes will be available with different climates which will determine the species encountered.
  • The initial release of the game is planned for both Steam and Oculus!


About Dreamirl

Officially created in 2018, Dreamirl is an independent studio located in Toulouse (France) with a dozen ambitious and hard-working employees who want to share their own vision of video games. Hexamaster and Exoblast are the two first games they made and soon they will launch the Kickstarter for their first virtual reality creation: Jurassic Snap.
More informations
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Jurassic Snap credits

Antoine Rogliano
Dreamirl founder
Camille Unknown
Lead Artist